2017 Solo Exhibitions

Gallery Q  Dundee                                                                                            4th March

Tolquhon Gallery, Ellon. Aberdeenshire                                                         1st April

Gallery 8'  St. James's. London                                                                       9th May

The Torrance Gallery. Edinburgh                                                                    3rd June

The Maclaurin Gallery, Rozelle House, Ayrshire                                          1st July                                     

The Archway Gallery, Lochgilphead, Argyllshire                                          5th Aug

The Caledonia Club, Belgravia. London                                                         26th Aug

The Strathearn Gallery, Crieff, Perthshire                                                       23rd Sept

The Gullane Gallery, Gullane, East Lothian                                                    4th Nov