St.Margaret’s Primary, Dunfermline

DHT writes:

Recently as part of our work on Scottish artists, we have been looking at your work. We were so inspired by your paintings we decided to paint some of your work in a similar style. Our paintings were so good that we then decided to scan them to make cards. We are planning to sell these cards as our Enterprise Project under the name Charity5. We will give all of the money raised to Saint Vincent De Paul (our chosen charity during Lent this year). We are going to exhibit our work and sell our cards on Tuesday 26th March at 1.30pm for all our special guests. We would love if you could come along to our exhibition, but we understand you must be very busy.


We have included our scanned images of our paintings inspired by your work for your website and we will send you some photographs of our exhibition if you can't make it.


We have enjoyed studying your work - thank you and maybe we will see you soon